RSI Foundation

RSI Educational Foundation has been established as a nonprofit organization whose objective is to provide safety education.

RSI Educational Foundation's goals augment and support adult education programs as well as providing cost effective safety training solutions to regional organizations. RSI Corporation backs the Educational Foundation by providing trainers and marketing support and each organization shares the mission statement, "Safety Through Education". View RSI Courses

The RSI Educational Foundation is based at RSI Headquarters in Kiowa, KS.

RSI's Donation Policy:

September 1, 2008

RSI is proud to be a participating member of this community and would be happy to consider donating to area causes.  Because of the high number of donation requests, RSI has formed a board to review all requests on a quarterly basis.  Donation requests should be submitted in writing and at least 30 days before the event. Attention should be paid to submit the request in time for the quarterly board meeting prior to your event.  The RSI board meets on the first Thursday of the first month (January, April, July, October) of each quarter.  RSI goes by calendar year quarters. We donate each year to numerous non-profit organizations whose initiatives improve the overall quality of life in our community. These donations are presented on an as available basis. We are pleased to help charitable organizations and wish it were possible to honor all requests. Please know that all requests are reviewed individually and given serious consideration. RSI has a long standing tradition of support for the community in which we operate and looks forward to donating to community causes.