EMF Visual - Announcing a Modeling Tool which is Accurate in the Near Field

EMF Visual


EMF Visual simulates in 3D levels of human exposure to electromagnetic fields, taking into account the environment.

Key points
  • Import 3D objects function
  • Special tools to assign electromagnetic properties to materials
  • Special tool to define antenna characteristics
User profile
  • Broadcast, PMR and mobile phone operators and installers, municipalities, governmental agencies, regulatory and certification bodies
Simulation capabilities
  • EMF Visual is a prediction, analysis and communication tool, which can accurately simulate exposure within a few hundred meters of the antennas while taking into account its environment

Price reflects the cost of the EMF Visual with main software. Additional options and network licenses are available upon request.

Please call to speak with an RSI representative to learn more about your options.


Software Services
  • BSA synthesis module
  • cote2emf module
  • EMF2ascii module for reports
  • Demo version with short course
  • Training
  • Hotline