The solution for Emergency Responder Radio Building coverage.


RSI offers a complete mobile solution to Municipalities so that field testing can be done to ensure compliance and levy fines if not compliant. This problem was evident during 9/11, when first responders were not able to effectively communicate inside the World Trade Center towers.

INSITE Free performs analysis for safety perimeter definition or site certification. It is compatible with most spectrum analyzers available on the market. INSITE Free is the Solution for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Requirements as per IFC 510.

Police and Fire Personnel shall at any time have the right to enter onto the property to conduct its own field-testing to be certain that the required level of radio coverage is present. (510.12).

Buildings constructed prior to the implementation of this section shall not be required to comply with Emergency Responder radio coverage provisions of this section. However, should exempted structures undergo renovation, restoration, or significant modification to the original structure, exemption from the provisions shall not apply.


Software Services
  • INSITE Free SW
  • Initial and additional calibration of probe and cables
  • Training
  • Extended warranty
Equipment Accessories
  • Probe holder
  • Cables
  • Switch box (with battery charger)
  • 1 or 2 probes
  • N/A