After 5 Logos

One of the best ways to make a great impression is by sporting sleek, professional looking logo apparel. After 5 Logos provides embroidered, customized logos which you can wear on any shirt, jacket, or sweater you choose. Logo apparel shows clients your company is professional.

It’s so hard to find customized logo clothing that is ‘in style’. With after 5 logos, you can make anything into company wear. The uniquely portable design incorporates magnets allowing you to have a distinctive professional logo on nearly any piece of clothing! Just as important, the logo you can easily remove AFTER 5!

How many times have you seen people wearing company logo clothing acting inappropriately after hours? Maybe at the bar, a sporting event, restaurant, or just on the street being rude all while wearing your company’s logo on their shirt! We all have. With After 5 logos, you can ensure your company’s reputation is not tarnished by employees’ extra-curricular activities.

After 5 Logos are custom embroidered company logos that are exceptionally flat and give the appearance of embroidered apparel in contrast to name tags that have the bulky magnetic clips. Our magnets are built into your embroidery design and are stronger than the standard pronged magnetic snaps found on ordinary name tags.

With After 5 Logos, it’s easy to maintain your company’s prized reputation easily and in a cost effective way. Don’t let your good reputation be tarnished call After 5 Logos today!

About Miranda Allen:
Miranda Allen is a safety professional and CEO of RSI Corp. A published author and national speaker, she has been involved with training, writing plans, and reports for thousands of people/telecom sites regarding how to work safely around RF. She serves on the National Association of Tower Erectors’ Member Service Committee and a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers. She has served in management positions for private and government organizations in the U.S. and abroad to include Hewlett Packard and the U.S. Army.

She holds an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Colorado. She has been both an OSHA Authorized Construction and General Outreach Trainer. She is a Certified Safety Technician through World Safety Organization. Miranda has vast experience with change management and has led many organizations in successful turnaround efforts. She has an interest in Industrial Psychology/Organizational Development and has done extensive research in this area.

For additional information and a custom quote, call RSI at (888) 830-5648 or (620) 825-4600 today !