Barricade Installation

Regulations Require:

  1. Radiofrequency Radiation hazard areas must be identified
  2. Areas with hazards must be controlled
  3. Workers must be Trained and protected from the hazards

There is no standard recipe for installing barriers by the FCC or OSHA, but most groups are following “Best Practices”. RSI can use its years of experience with RF surveys to conduct sampling and ensure installation is done at the correct perimeters.


BarricadeRSI will take a photo to act as documentation after installation and barricading is complete. We will also provide an addendum to your current report to reflect the compliance status.

The antenna owner must determine whether Barriers and Signs will be sufficient for prevention of exposure in excess of the General Population/Uncontrolled MPE limits. With OSHA’s multi-employer citation policy the controlling, correcting, exposing and creating employer all holds equal responsibility. Under the policy, there are circumstances where more than one employer may be cited for a violation of an OSHA standard, and where an employer may be held responsible for a hazard even though none of its own employees were exposed to it.

Barriers should be installed around the periphery of each area where the General Population/Uncontrolled (20%) MPE limits are exceeded.

Alerting signs must be posted on, or proximal to, any barriers that have been installed. Barricades can be engineering stamped and as built drawings are available should this be required

RSI can install temporary non-invasive barricades with a protective membrane. These meet OSHA/FCC barricading requirements but usually do not require local building permits.

Barricading should be reviewed annually as these are temporary options.

Landlord accepted, carrier approved!

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