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RSI C&S HeadquartersOur specialists at RSI will work with you to not only design a system that will meet your communications needs, but one that will also save you real money and time. During the initial planning phase, our team will consult with your RSI representative, and directly with you in order to choose the correct technologies and partners to construct your custom technology solution. While most systems require the use of technologies from several different manufacturers, RSI’s Professional Services Group is vendor agnostic, and we will research the various available technologies and manufacturers to provide the best and most cost-effective wireless options.

Security CameraAs an established wireless dealer and wireless system integrator, we recognize the need for flexible technical services for all the markets RSI serves. Our technicians maintain certifications on a vast array of two-way radios, consoles, and associated technologies to include wireless networks, IP cameras, video surveillance, LMR two-way radios, broadcast stations, SCADA/Data and wireless VoIP solutions. We provide project management with detailed drawings, test plans, and related technical services as required.

We serve Oklahoma and Kansas and are the only full shop in the state-line area!

We offer thorough, customized, end-to-end solutions to make your job easier before and after the sale. Our solutions can be designed by your industry, your network type, or your specific need to meet the unique demands of your business.

We understand your business. Whether you're looking to increase productivity and efficiency, cut costs and drive revenue, or improve public safety and security, Two-way radios allow your workforce to stay in contact and work toward a common goal of getting the job done—on time and on target.

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Why use RSI for your radio services?
• Authorized Repair Service
• On-site FCC Certified Repair Technicians
• All two-way/SCADA radio repairs are quality tested before being returned

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Coverage and Repeater Areas:

Communications & Security Services Coverage Area
RSI Communications and Security Coverage Map

Repeater Area
Repeater Mat

Our Services Include:Wi-Fi service which can cover entire cities and other large areas, or it can be designated for specific “hot spots.”
Conventional LMR Analog and Digital Repeater Systems - Allow you to extend your radio coverage within your property or the service area of your business
Public Safety  Dispatch and Public Safety Repeater, Security, PA and Light-bars – RSI works with a Public Safety, schools and Government applications
Farm and Business systems
Single-Site Trunking Repeater Systems - Analog and Digital
Multi-Site Trunking Repeater Systems - Analog and Digital
• >Cross-Band Repeater Systems - Allows VHF to talk with UHF and vice versa
Radio Systems with Phone Interconnect - Allows you to call regular phones from your radio and vice versa
Mobile Tower Trailer systems and setup
DAS and Mobile mesh networks work seamlessly indoors and outdoors and are particularly cost-effective solutions in the transportation industry, where critical operations data can be transmitted wirelessly from the vehicles. The wireless transmission eliminates time-consuming manual transmission of data. Typical applications for mobile mesh networks include real-time video surveillance; Wi-Fi internet connectivity on meter reading; and voice traffic. Mobile mesh networks differ from wireless mesh because the mobile mesh allows for different routing protocols—mobile mesh devices both receive and route.
Point to point Microwave systems
Radio Systems with Private Calling Capability - Allows you to talk privately and directly to a specific person without broadcasting to all units on the same channel
Radio Over IP Systems - Links remote sites over the internet so you can talk to someone in another state as if they were across the street
Radio Systems with GPS Capability - Allows you to keep track of your radios. Especially useful in hazardous situations where a manager needs to make sure none of their employees are walking in to a dangerous area.
Dispatch Systems - for EMS, Taxi companies, Field Service, etc.
Vehicle Mounted and Portable Repeater Systems - For companies that need full coverage at remote job sites.
AM/FM Broadcast systems repair
Generator leasing and sales for backup continuous power for your comm-site, business or home .  Solar Repeater  - We can provide you with solar powered repeaters for remote locations that do not have access to the power grid.

RSI - Your Communications and Security Solution!

Towers For Lease: RSI maintains a number of communication towers in both Oklahoma and KS. These towers range from 180 to 500 feet in height.

We have tower space for lease!Each tower site has a secure building at its base, usually of metal or concrete, to house the communications equipment. Some companies bring in their own buildings for large installations such as broadcast or cellular. All of our tower properties are enclosed in a secure fence and have alarm protection. Many of our sites have generator backup for continuous power.

Our in-house Special Projects Group designs and assembles custom interfaces for radio system support products to enhance our customers’ unique user requirements. This team is responsible for our distinctive designs from mounting cement equipment pads to installing 100’s of towers for SCADA projects.

We combine the latest Two-way/SCADA radio repair equipment:
• Mobiles
• Base Stations
• Repeaters
• SCADA Systems
• Broadcast AM/FM
• IP cameras and video surveillance

RSI Tower Team   RSI Tower Team

A Valid F.C.C. License must be verified before any radio work is performed.

For additional information and a custom quote, call RSI at (888) 830-5648 or (620) 825-4600 today !