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Make sure your employees are safe with an RF Hazard Assessment!

Measuring RFWhat is an RF Hazard Assessment?

An RF hazard assessment is a scientific approach to determine ambient RF levels at a given site.

Who needs an RF Hazard Assessment at an industrial site?

Any company operating heat induction units, heat sealers, RF dryers, hospitals, MRI machines, RF steel tempering, RF soldering or welding.

Why would and industrial site need an RF Hazard Assessment?

Pacemaker Caution SignThe reason an RF assessment is needed at these sites is for the safety of the personnel in close proximity to these machines. Magnetic fields around some of this equipment can wipe out the memory of pacemakers or magnetize some medical implants. Items such as steel toed shoes and jewelry can be heated by this equipment. In some states this equipment is actually permitted by the state and these assessments are needed for documentation. The possibility of contact current and induced current hazards is very real at some of these sites.

How is an assessment at an industrial site different from a regular hazard assessment?

powder coating dryerThe assessment techniques for an industrial heating site are similar to those at a telecom site but the procedures are different with each site and type and manufacture of RF equipment. This is due to the widely varied uses of this equipment, the frequency ranges, and the power levels. Example: A steel soldering unit may run 7.5K W at 27 MHZ while a unit for heating pipe may run 3 MW at 290 Hz.

RSI MachineRF meters and probes for telecom sites usually have a frequency range from about 300 KHZ to over 50 GHZ, however at industrial sites some equipment runs at below 1KHZ. RSI has the only EFA3 (Wandel & Goltermann) in the U.S. at the time of this writing. This unit reads electric and magnetic fields down to 5 Hz.

RSI has personnel who have dealt with these types of units for over 20 years and has one person who is still an accredited technician for these types of units.

All RSI assessments include a site security review!


An important note: if you train your workforce, the uncontrolled standard goes away and they're allowed to work at the higher, controlled standard which was designed for workers. However, if the site is above the more stringent general population standard, then OSHA can issue citations to the facility for allowing workers to work because they are not fully aware of the hazard if training has not been conducted. | Read More (link opens a PDF file)

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