Courses include:

OSHA Compliance

OSHA Compliance course will cover material pertaining to the OSHA regulations concerning communications tower construction. This will be an overview of the OSHA compliance regulations, which will include a lesson in reading the OSHA regulations. Testing upon course completion.
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Plans, Policies & Procedures

This course will assist people who plan, build, establish policy, and procedures for the communication towers. This course will help personnel plan better installations to prevent future problems with neighbors and other concern citizens. The training will give personnel the rules and regulations pertaining to the communications tower. This course will be an overview of the FCC, FAA, EPA, Cal-OSHA, and OSHA requirements. Testing upon course completion.
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This course covers the electrical hazards that are a concern in the wireless communication industry. The material will cover proper grounding, properly connecting the wires, and general electrical safety. The personnel will be informed of the company's policy on how to handle electrical hazards, and whom the problems should be reported to. Testing upon course completion.
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Biological Hazards

Biological Hazards covers the hazards associated with the wireless industry. This course will go into detail of how the body heats-up due Radio Frequency (RF) energy, and how this could cause tissue damage, if in the right environment. The personnel taking the course will learn some of the techniques for preventing different types of biological hazards as well as different types of Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) that could be used. Testing upon course completion.
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Site & Tower Signage

Site and Tower Signage course covers the placement of signs, and how to pick the correct sign for the hazards at the tower site. This class will cover all signs at the site including, but not limited to FCC, OSHA, EPA, and FAA, along with any state signs that are applicable. Testing upon course completion.
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Tower Safety Course

This 4-Day course is designed to assist personnel who perform maintenance, build, work around, and or who inspects tower sites. Emphasis is placed on acceptable abetment methods, applicable standards, and the implementation of CPL 2-1.29, and Interim Inspection Procedures during Communication Tower Constructions Activities. Participants are required to bring all fall protection equipment and the necessary PPE. There will be fieldwork and students will perform work at a tower site.
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Federal Communications Commission

This course will cover material pertaining to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requirements concerning communications tower construction and planning. This will be an overview of the FCC requirements, which will include a lesson on reading the FCC regulations. Testing upon course completion.
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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Course material covers what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements concerning the height and lighting of the tower. This course will also go over the forms that need to be filled out to ensure the tower will be in compliance, before tower construction begins. Testing upon course completion.
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