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Site Compliance Plus

with WebView™

RSI's Site Compliance Plus with WebView™ allows customers access to our total site management software. RSI designed Site Compliance Plus with WebView ™ to help site owners, wireless operators, independent contractors, and communications companies access site specific information. This includes reports and photos, as well as the RF emission status of the location. Site Compliance Plus with WebView™ shows the applicable RF training necessary to safely perform job functions specific to each site. It also features online training options to show workers who needs immediate access to specific sites. Site Compliance Plus with WebView™ contains thousands of the highest profile telecom sites listed in the U.S. This information is available to subscribers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an Internet connection. Site Compliance Plus with WebView™ can be fully customized to compliment your company's safety program.

Have a tech going up to one of your sites and need to get him/her a color map of the site's "hot spots" for the employees' safety? Have him go online with his own User ID and Password and download the information he needs prior to accessing the site. It's simple, easy, and affordable. Great for contractors preparing to work on the site.

Access to the program can be set up on a person by person basis so that you control who has access to specific information. View all of your sites at once or limit it to as few as one. Perhaps you are co-located or on another site owner's property and would like others to have access to the latest information regarding your system on that site and its relation to RF Hazards. Assign them access to the program so that they can see real time information regarding your systems. Need to get an overview on all your sites? Just log on and take a look at your entire portfolio.

Above are a few samples of the documents you can view in Site Compliance Plus.

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