EME Guard XS

EME Guard Monitor
The EME Guard XS is an EMF measuring device to alert workers near antennas.
It constantly scans for electromagnetic waves and, via its built-in alarm and visual system, alerts users whenever the acceptable limits have been exceeded.

The EME Guard XS is the only low cost monitor that is isotropic! This greatly adds to its accuracy in the field.

Main Features:

  • Measurement capabilities: Continuous monitoring of Electromagnetic Field levels with isotropic tri-axis E-field sensors. EMF Level indicated by a LED color scale. Audio and visual alarms triggered when EMF exceeds the reference level.
  • The unit has 7 LED's for visual alarm  (the most on the market)  along with an audio alarm
  • The only low-cost monitor that isotropic.
  • This RF Safety tool is extremely easy to use and creates a safer working environment in the areas where RF may be present.
  • Frequency bands: 80 MHz – 6 GHz
  • Safety recommendations: FCC 96-326; ICNIRP; Safety Code 6; 2004/40/EC;Alarm threshold can be adjusted at the manufacturer's factory upon request
  • Overload capacity of above 5000% so you don’t burn up monitor in high RF environments and/or you can use for incidental passage through high RF zones
  • User profile: Anyone working near antennas including: installation and maintenance workers, broadcast, Public safety, HVAC, Maintenance, carriers, regulatory authorities, and the like that may be in areas where RF could exceed controlled levels. 


Software Services
  • N/A
  • Calibration report
  • Initial calibration report
  • Additional calibration
  • Extended warranty
Equipment Accessories
  • Protective rubber casing
  • 2 batteries
  • Wristband
  • User Manual
  • Armband
  • Retractable cable
  • Belt and holster
  • Wristband


The EME Guard XS is a unit to use with the higher cost EME Guard for an overall program.

RSI can help your group set up an RF safety program and training if using the unit under these conditions.