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Company Profile

When people think RF telecom safety they think RSI!

RSI's Mission Statements:

  • "Helping Clients Succeed"

  • "Safety Through Education"

RSI’s pioneering attitude has reinvented Telecom Safety’s best management practices by reworking procedures that have been in place for years in other markets. This ability to persevere has made RSI one of the most respected and oldest RF safety organizations within the industry. RSI’s relentless pursuit of client satisfaction and client-centered focus is what has made RSI a market leader in RF Safety.

RSI is a privately-owned, independent corporation that has evolved with the ever-changing RF rules and regulations to fully meet the needs of our clients and remains the original RF Safety provider. The RSI team consists of safety professionals that have decades of real-world safety experience, and has assisted thousands of companies in complying with OSHA/FCC regulations and other industry standards through creativity, precision and responsiveness.

We quickly adapt to customer requirements to provide long-term, cost-effective solutions, and form a sturdy foundation of trust with the customer and help achieve their goals. RSI is also efficiently located in order to perform fast, effective service to sites within the Continental US. RSI partners with customers to develop and provide long-term answers that work. RSI’s corporate safety staff will evaluate your needs, document your compliance program using decades of field experience and ensure that you have the tools necessary to protect your business and your employees.

Our commitment to safety and safe work practices has made us the market leader in RF Safety training and environmental RF hazard assessments. Don’t take the risk: Take control of your company’s liability.

RSI is the forerunner in client resolution and the real leader in the field of RF technical and safety services. Our technical staff is authorized to conduct FCC commercial radio exams and has formulated technical reports and safety plans for virtually every type of organization from small companies to multi-national corporations, utility groups, site management, Cell/PCS, and government entities.

Safety Through Education

As RSI’s mission is “Safety Through Education,” our staff members work with our clients to understand each individual situation and provide long-term solutions to protect your group from fines or litigation stemming from noncompliance, incidence of RF overexposure, or other general technical or safety issues. We strive for excellence and integrity in every aspect of the organization. RSI Clients come first, and as a result of our values, the foundation is set for all that we are.

No Injuries on Every Project Every Time

That is RSI’s Record and Why RSI has an industry-leading workplace safety program. Our assessments have always been performed through spatial averaging with calibrated RF survey meters. RSI does not use Personal Protection Monitors for assessments, as it is not the standard and certainly will not protect clients from liability. RSI also offers color-coded maps for the actual readings taken and all reports have easy-to-interpret findings. The reports are customized to meet individual area or regional needs, and are reviewed by our staff to ensure deliverables are valid and our findings will overcome scrutiny from federal agencies, the general public, and employees. This enables RSI to write site-specific safety plans for sites above MPE limits and also perform EHS audits for acquisitions and to assist clients in achieving compliance standards.

Services Include

  • RF Hazard Assessments

  • Vertical Assessments

  • Noise Studies

  • Live & Online Certified Training

  • Safety Plans

  • MPE Analysis

  • RF Safety Monitors

  • RF/FCC Signage

Hazard Assessments

We specialize in RF hazard assessments as well as: noise studies, live and online training, safety programs, MPE analysis, and RF/FCC signage. As proof of the commitment to the public’s safety RSI has assessed tens of thousands of sites, written hundreds of safety plans, and trained nearly one-hundred thousand people to ensure RF and EHS compliance.

RSI has the expertise, equipment, knowledge and experience to perform assessments at facilities with industrial heating and sealing equipment. We also have an on-the-air broadcast radio division group that the RF staff maintains.

RSI specializes in comprehensive site assessments ranging from Phase I environmental site assessments (ESA's) to general safety characterizations. All of our site assessments are performed in accordance with the governing state or federal regulations.

Certified Courses

RSI is set aside from the rest of the pack because of the fact that there has been a safety services group since the start of the company. The courses are also approved by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and are also approved for continuing education points, CME and re-certification credits from the Society of Broadcast Engineers. The technical staff of RSI is authorized to provide testing for ETA and conducts FCC commercial radio exams, and is Certified Utility Safety Administrators (CUSA) and American Safety & Health Institute Instructors. All work is also backed with professional liability insurance covering all your RF and safety issues.

RF Safety Plan

The RSI safety plans and programs have been written and evolved since the 1970s. It has commonly been said that RSI “wrote the book” on RF site assessments. In the same respect, the RSI Superior Survey Techniques class has been taught as an industry standard. The Superior Survey Techniques text was developed and implemented through a University partnership, and details how to conduct RF Compliance surveys. This technique has been adapted and utilized by nearly every RF service provider to date. RSI also boasts depth, diversity, and flexibility as strengths, so that clients can focus on their many other duties while leaving things in our hands. This is especially true when it comes to sites that require vertical assessments, as RSI is the only organization to employ a team of certified professional tower climbers and provide complete vertical assessments. Many clients have partnered with RSI on vertical assessments after discovering their previous RF compliance provider was not meeting regulation safety standards and exposing them to liability issues.

SC +

RSI is the first vendor to provide a web enabled database to include all RF Compliance reports produced for a client. Site Compliance Plus (SC+) with WebView is a secure database tracking and communications system which allows approved personnel access to maps, drawings, reports and other site information. SC+ with WebView puts you in control of who has access to your information and gives you the freedom to view all your sites or only one individual site. SC+ with WebView makes it easy to view your portfolio!

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