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Customer Testimonials

Over the years RSI has gotten hundreds of amazing reviews from people who have taken our training. 

Don't take our word for it, take our customers!

Rafer and his team provided world class customer service and offered a range of solutions for our RF training needs.  They were helpful throughout the process and will be our preferred training solution for years to come!

Jay Burgess

Long Wave Incorporated

I want to take the opportunity to thank RSI for the online training made available to our front line officers. They have reported back to me that they enjoyed the program and it really raised their awareness of the otherwise unseen hazards they face. All have told me the education was beneficial and in an area of concern that should be more frequently addressed. They have learned about the hazards at known locations [and] are on watch to see what other areas of hazard that we need to be aware of. Thanks to RSI for the opportunity to provide effective high quality training at an affordable price - RF Safety Awareness

Kent Gilbert

Hastings Fire & Rescue Chief

This training from RSI was among the very best training sessions I attended in my years of doing field management work in the telecom industry. I recommend them highly!

Richard Corns

AIM Technical Consultants, Inc

[The RFS] 301 class [is] built upon previous course material by adding real world applications for understanding and working around RF sources, including specific examples where worker exposure to levels above MPE limits can be mitigated when performing maintenance on towers - RFS 301

Paul Johnson

Manager for Chugach Electric Assoc., Inc.

I have been in this industry for 39 years and this is the best RF exposure class I have taken. Well Done! - RFS 101

Paul Delong

Technician for APL/EKN

From a trainer’s stand point, you get out of a class what you put in. RSI takes that equation out, by giving you all the tools and great teachers with more knowledge than I have seen with any other training company that I have used in the past. This class would get a 10 in my book - Train the Trainer

Don Reaves

Safety Director for Western Lightwave

This course shouts to me, ‘I need to learn more! - RF Safety Awareness

Mike Portemont

Technical Training Spec. for Bonneville Power Administration

Exceptional instructors! Very knowledgeable and easily understood. Money well spent for our safety program. - Train the Trainer

Padriac Cassey

Safety Manager for Vertical Limit Construction, LLC

I had no idea RF Emissions were so serious!  - RF Safety Awareness

Sergio M.

Paul Whitney's Association

I feel the years of experience was transferred to myself and the class. Excellent awareness and detail given to the class on all topics covered.  - Train the Trainer

Augustine Ochoa

Cell Tech for U.S. Cellular

Extensive knowledge & real-world experience was excellent! - RF Safety Awareness


Comm Tech for BLM - Roswell

I want to thank you for your help in our getting RF training from RSI. As the designated RF Safety person for Advanced Communications and Electronics, and our sister company Advanced Tower Services, I have used the information supplied by RSI to educate our employees on the importance of RF Safety and how to help mitigate exposure beyond the MPE limits. The amount of information supplied by RSI allows us to customize our RF Safety classes for our installers, communications technicians, and our tower climbers. This is advantageous as these different jobs deal with some similar and some different types of exposure. Inevitably these classes end with our employees expressing an appreciation for the class and a new found respect for RF and the potential hazards involved - Train the Trainer, Adv TTT, RFS 101/201

Bob Picknell

CETma of Advanced Communications and Electronics, Inc.

I will testify this is a very informative class, very easy to use, and it will help you take control of your liability. - RFS 101

John Kingsbury

President of Whitten's 2-Way Service, Inc.

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