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Need to achieve OSHA compliance?

With our fully customizable online plans, RSI is the #1 option for your safety plan needs!

Online RF Safety Plan

Contact an RSI Technical Sales Representative at 888-830-5648 to establish your custom RF Safety Plan! Due to high customer demand, RSI Corp has developed a new online RF Safety Plan. This customizable solution helps organizations achieve OSHA compliance by formulating a company specific plan that can be saved or printed. This plan will act as the base of an RF program. OSHA requires a comprehensive RF program, to include training and this easy to formulate customized document will provide you with the requirements necessary to achieve the complete program. Once you input your information, the plan will tell you exactly what you need to achieve a successful RF safety program.

Simply log in to the user-friendly website and fill out a trouble-free form with your company’s RF safety requirements. The program then produces a custom RF Safety Plan including your company’s requirements to achieve the mandated RF program. This Word document can be further edited after the report is created. This time- saving document will save your company weeks of research and thousands of dollars that would normally be tied up putting such a document together. If you can click a mouse, you can build your company’s RF Safety Plan and incorporate this plan into the necessary RF program.

Access to the RF Safety Plan program will be available for 12 months after initialization in case you need to update it at any time. Contact an RSI Technical Sales Representative at (888) 830-5648 today to establish your custom RF Safety Plan.

RSI is a forerunner in client resolution and specializes in telecomm safety and technical solutions. Services include: RF Hazard assessments, noise studies, live and online training, safety programs, MPE analysis, contractor audits and RF/ FCC signage. RSI’s highly qualified staff, with decades of combined experience, has assisted companies in complying with OSHA/ FCC and other industry regulations and standards.

RSI partners with customers to develop and provide long- term answers that work. RSI’s corporate safety staff will evaluate your needs, document your compliance program using years of field experience and insure that you have the tools necessary to protect your business and your employees. Our commitment to Safety and Safe work practices has made us the market leader in RF Safety training and Environmental RF Hazard assessments. Don’t take the risk. Take control of your company’s liability today!

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