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Get the links to various government agencies, OSHA and FCC regulations, as well as the different RF related organizations.

General Information:

Tower Fall Protection

Tower Registration

Microwave News

Application for Renewal License for AM, FM, TV, Translator, or LPTV Station The Instructions are used also on new licenses:
303-S form (pdf)
Public Notice on revised instructions (pdf)

Cell Phones with the Highest Radiation (video):


OSHA Inspection Procedures During Communication Tower Construction:


FCC (Federal Communications Commission)


Companies/Trade Shows/Organizations:

Radio Licensing Services
ComTrain Tower Technology & Safety Training
NCRP Exposure Criteria
NRPB Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation
International Telecommunication Union
NARA: Code of Federal Regulations
The Society of Broadcast Engineers

City/State/County/Country Entities:

Wichita, Kansas Chamber of Commerce

British Columbia Standards

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Non-Ionizing Radiation Page

Safety Code 6: Health Canada's Radiofrequency Exposure Guidelines

Other Government Links:
U.S. Department of Interior
National Park Service
Endangered Species: U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service 
Historic Site: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, State Historic Preservation Office 
Office of Native American Affairs
Floodplain: Federal Emergency Management Agency 
Surface Features: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers 
High Intensity Lights in Residential Neighborhoods: Federal Aviation Administration 
Excessive Radiofrequency Emission: Federal Communications Commission's Office of Engineering and Technology

U.S. DOT Aviation Circular: Obstruction Marking and Lighting

Antenna 101 general info military

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