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The only RF monitor you will ever need!

Only $599.99!

FieldSENSE 2.0 Datasheet

Main Features:

  • Frequency range: 50 MHz - 6 GHz

  • ​Covers all typical television and FM radio broadcast services and all mobile telecommunications services

  • Both E & H fields measured

  • Shaped probe response 

  • Isotropic - total of 6 orthogonal E & H field probes

  • Voice recording ability

    • Keep notes on a bid walk

    • Record Serial #s

  • Data Logging - has an advanced E & H field data logger which records all your measurements - view data real-time

  • Runs on Standard AAA Batteries

  • Fall-detect & alarm

  • Harness fastening, wrist straps, "Grippy" design

  • Rugged IP64 enclosure

    • ​A special co-moulded enclosure with a base layer of polycarbonate which is typically used in riot shields

  • Water resistant

  • User interface

    • Bright LEDS, visible in sunlight 

    • Auto power off after 8 hours of inactivity. 

    • Single button operation 

    • Operate with glove 

    • Loud buzzer


All RF Safety Monitors should be fully understood and used as warning devices only. All products should be part of an overall safety program administered by a competent and qualified safety administrator that completely understands their company’s needs and goals. No PPM produced by any manufacturer or at any price point will have all functions necessary for all situations. OSHA 1910.132 requires hazard assessments and training for all PPE.

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