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RVA: Rooftop Visual Audit

A visual inspection of your rooftop to help provide you an inventory list and make sure you are getting your money's worth

If you have a contract with a broadcast or wireless telecommunications carrier for accommodating their antennas on your building, before you renegotiate your antenna lease, call RSI Corporation.

RSI Rooftop Visual Audit™ (RVA) will help you make sure you are being paid for what you have on your rooftop.  


  • Are there unlicensed transmitters you didn’t even know were there? 

  • Are there antennas still up on your roof from renters no longer paying you? 


RSI Corporation can help you enhance your building’s revenue stream and decrease your liability by being your partner in understanding your rooftop better.

Owners need to be proactive in seeking the best opportunities for their valuable space to cellular, PCS, and other users.  The solution is to contact RSI Corporation for an RVA.

Need RF readings or an assessment of the radio frequency radiation on site? Check out our Hazard Assessments!

For additional information and a custom quote,  

call RSI at 888-830-5648 or

The Rooftop Visual Audit™ will include:

  • Map of Rooftop layout including antennas and associated equipment areas showing both licensed and unlicensed occupants

  • Inventory of antennas including:

    • Operator (if information is available at the site)

    • Antenna type and MFG/Model as available

  • Photographs of all antennas and associated equipment areas

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