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911 Dispatch Centers

Having your call center assessed will affirm that FCC and OSHA regulations are being met, and also give workers the feeling that their employer cares about them and is genuinely concerned with their health and safety.

RSI has been called to assess numerous 911 call centers. These centers many times have radio transmit equipment located within the building and/or call center rooms. Increased awareness by the general public regarding the hazards that can be associated with electromagnetic energy or RF emissions has led to an outcry by workers wanting assurance that their workplace is safe from a hazard they know very little about. This is an emotional, legal and moral issue for employers and their employees. For some time now RF emissions has been regulated as a hazard to humans under FCC and OSHA regulations. According to the OSHA regulations, the workplace must be assessed for ALL hazards.

Many of these centers are manned by women of childbearing age concerned they may be overexposed to RF emissions. Many of these employees are working eight to twelve hour shifts. The thought of exposing an unborn child to any hazard whatsoever is a highly emotional issue and cannot be taken lightly.

Additionally, employees with pacemakers need to be informed of the RF levels in their work environment as these devices can be influenced when subjected to certain frequencies and power levels. RSI has one of the few, if not the only instrumentation available in the U.S. to measure RF emissions at the applicable frequencies for pacemakers.

By contracting an impartial third party to assess your site, you not only show your workers that you want to assure their safety but you also limit your liability should an internal investigations be undertaken. In most every case the sites assessed by RSI have checked out as clean and safe, but there is no substitute for having documentation on hand proving that you have performed your due diligence.

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