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This course is recommended for anyone who works at or around high-power and broadcasting facilities.

RSI Knows about high power RF sites, and has an on-air Broadcast Division using high-power FM. Over the years RSI has developed safety plans and performed RF surveys at some of the nation’s highest-power RF sites,  those procedures have become “Best Practice” in our industry.   

This course targets specific topics:

  • RF Safety for High-power and Broadcast Facilities

  • Issues Surrounding Co-location Sites

  • Steps to Compliance using Best RF Safety Practices

  • in-depth Look at MPE Rules and How to Use Them

  • Compliance Requirements Mandated by OSHA & FCC

  • RF Safety and the Use of Standby Antennas

  • Review of High Power Antennas

  • RF Safety and Lockout for Tower Climbers

  • Power Reduction for RF Safety Compliance

  • Contact RF Current Hazards

  • Hot Towers and Equipment

  • RF Leaks in Equipment Rooms

If you have a Group of 5 or more you must contact the RSI Corporate office to receive your Group Discount.

Most RSI Courses are Approved for Category 4 Education
All RSI classes are approved for 50% reimbursement Motorola Co-op.

Courses include trainee testing and upon successful completion of the course(s) the student will be able to print a course completion certificate. These courses are designed for new hire training and recurrent training of existing employees.

Each student must receive a passing score on the test(s) before they can print their Certificate of Completion.

All courses will be available for review for 90 days from the date of activation. During this time you can go back and review information at any time.

These courses are priced per person with group discounts available through your RSI customer service representative.

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