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Radio Frequency Safety Officer Training (RFSO) - $995

Who requires a Radio Frequency Safety Program (RFSP)

Everyone; IT’S the LAW: OSHA, FCC, Motorola R56, Carriers, Turf vendors, site managers, IEEE, DOD, State and local municipalities. 

Radiofrequency Radiation is in the spotlight. There are hundreds of watch dog groups and even members of Congress are demanding action for noncompliance.  Enforcement is becoming commonplace and strenuous. To accomplish compliance, show due diligence, and add a layer of personal protection, companies need and Radiofrequency Radiation Safety Program. 

A Radio Frequency Safety Officer (RFSO) is one who has authority to monitor and enforce the control of RF hazards and affect the knowledgeable evaluation and control of RF hazards.  A Radio Frequency Safety Program (RFSP) is an organized system of policies, procedures, practices, and plans designed to protect against hazards associated with RF fields, contact voltage, and contact and induced currents. RFSPs shall be documented in writing. A program typically includes RF awareness training, implementation of protective measures such as signage and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), incident response, periodic evaluation of program effectiveness, and assigned responsibilities for implementing the program similar to the elements described in this recommended practice.


This is the FIRST completely online RFSO course;  but don’t worry, RSI has been teaching the live RFSO course for over two decades.  Online education is now the norm; RSI has adapted our highly acclaimed live curriculum to meet the needs of our ever changing and on the go clientele.

Topics for RFSO training:

  • Introduction to RF sources and RF safety.

  • RF generators, transmission lines, wave propagation

  • Antennas

  • Biological effects/hazards

  • Standards, basis of standards/regulations

  • Analytical parameters/methods for estimating RF fields

  • Instrumentation, personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Elements of an RF exposure safety/protection program

  • Procedures to be observed for suspected overexposures

  • RF signs, alarms, barricades

  • Medical implant concerns

  • Electro-explosive devices

  • Risk communication, risk management

  • Sources of additional information

This course is what your organization needs in order to competently administer your company's RF safety Program!

 RSI has you covered when it comes to Safety Plans for your RF program! 

If you have a Group of 5 or more you must contact the RSI Corporate office to receive your Group Discount.

Most RSI Courses are Approved for Category 4 Education
All RSI classes are approved for 50% reimbursement Motorola Co-op.

Courses include trainee testing and upon successful completion of the course(s) the student will be able to print a course completion certificate. These courses are designed for new hire training and recurrent training of existing employees.

Each student must receive a passing score on the test(s) before they can print their Certificate of Completion.

All courses will be available for review for 90 days from the date of activation. During this time you can go back and review information at any time.

These courses are priced per person with group discounts available through your RSI customer service representative.

Passing this course does not in any way authorize attendee to present themselves as a RSI authorized trainer nor does it give attendee authority to utilize the RSI name or likeness in any form including advertising, training, or development. Only by passing the RSI Advanced Train the Trainer course, requesting RSI to furnish official RSI training cards, and paying the required fee per card, is an attendee allowed to provide their internal employees with training cards that contain RSI information. RSI Advanced Train the Trainer graduates are only authorized to issue cards to persons that are direct hires for their company that has paid for the training. These policies will be strictly enforced including taking legal action to protect the RSI name and material.

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