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This course will normally follow our popular one-day RF Site Safety Awareness seminar in select cities across the United States. Previous attendance to RSI's "RF Site Safety Awareness"™ class is mandatory within 6 months by OSHA.

This course will provide the attendee with a thorough understanding of the requirements of the various safety issues that OSHA has recently concentrated on in various enforcement actions around the country. With the proliferation of communications sites due to the rapid expansion of the wireless industry, many contractors are faced with a myriad of safety hazards they are unprepared to handle. This course is meant for all employees that install wireless systems, construct towers, and perform maintenance or any other activities that can take place at telecommunications sites. See our calendar for specific cities and dates.

Nationwide OSHA/NATE Agreement:
Participants will develop and implement a comprehensive written safety and health program and will use site specific safety and health plans. Safety training will be an integral part of the overall program. This training shall focus on the hazards encountered during tower erection activities. All of RSI's RF classes focus on the telecommunications industry.

The course will consist of 8 elements w/emphasis on those safety hazards that are common at rooftop or tower communications sites such as:

HAZCOM - Hazard Communications
(Requirements per 29 CFR §1910.1200)(Subparts H, N, & Z)
HAZCOM training covers the most common chemicals that are found at rooftop, tower, and equipment rooms. The material will include how to read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), understanding labels, and what procedures should be in place for usage, protection, and handling.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) & Personal Protection Monitors (PPM)
(Requirements per 29 CFR §1910.132)(Subpart I)
RF Badges, RF Suits, and other forms of PPE/PPM will be covered. Proper usage, maintenance, and training recommendations will complete the topic.

Electrical Hazards
(Requirements per 29 CFR §1910.332-§1910.332)(Subparts K & S)
General electrical safety, grounding, and proper classifications per the National Electrical Code and National Fire Protection Code.

Explosion & Fire Hazards
(Requirements per 29 CFR §1910.155)(Subparts E & L)
This core topic contains management practices that should reduce the potential for these hazards.

Confined Space Entry (limited)
(Requirements per 29 CFR §1910.146)(Subpart J)
This limited version of Confined Space procedures covers the methods that reduce the potential hazard before entering a confined workplace.

Fall Protection
(Requirements per 29 CFR §1926.500)(Subparts D, M, N, & X)
Specific to wireless and broadcast sites, this course covers OSHA requirements for proper training and equipment that should be considered before working on any rooftop, tower platform, walkway, stairway, or ladder.

(Requirements per 29 CFR §1910.147)(Subpart J)
Site specific recommendations will be undertaken as to how the Federal Regulations pertain to personnel that must implement proper Lockout/Tagout procedures.

Documentation and Record Keeping
(Requirements per 29 CFR Part 1904)(OSHA Act/General Duty Clause)
This course covers the proper forms and proper completion that must be accomplished for OSHA compliance. (The new OSHA 300, injury, illness, and summary forms.) (Competent Person and General Safety and Health Provisions and Programs)

If you have a Group of 5 or more you must contact the RSI Corporate office to receive your Group Discount.

Most RSI Courses are Approved for Category 4 Education
All RSI classes are approved for 50% reimbursement Motorola Co-op.

NOTE: Passing RSI courses does not in any way authorize attendee to present themselves as a RSI authorized trainer nor does it give attendee authority to utilize the RSI name or likeness in any form including advertising, training, or development. Only by passing the RSI Advanced Train the Trainer™ course, requesting RSI to furnish official RSI training cards, and paying the required fee per card, is an attendee allowed to provide their internal employees with training cards that contain RSI information. RSI Advanced Train the Trainer™ graduates are only authorized to issue cards to persons that are direct hires for their company that has paid for the training. These policies will be strictly enforced including taking legal action to protect the RSI name and material.

RSI closes registration 21 days prior to any scheduled live training; Registrations may be taken after the 21 day period, dependent upon space availability. No refunds will be given. RSI is not responsible for cancellations. If a class is oversold or cancelled, registrations will be transferred to the next available date in the local area. RSI will not be responsible for any expenses incurred due to cancellation by either party. All payments are due prior to the registration period; Refunds for missed classes will not be given. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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