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Technical Inspections

RSI’S Technical group has performed technical and general hazard inspection assessments at thousands of sites throughout the country, including many major broadcast sites, tower farms, major buildings, and DOD installations.

RSI has formulated technical reports and safety plans for virtually every type of organization, from small companies to multi-national corporations, utility companies and government entities. RSI checks the overall condition of the site and describes unsafe, unsatisfactory, or nonconformance situation in a report. RSI review the sites tower, it’s base foundation, guy wire supports, ice bridges, plum and level, antenna support, guy wire tension (RSI has a digital-tension-gage),turnbuckles, and connectors. The review also spells out the condition of the compound, tower, the drive, roads or other access conditions. Items such as site security, FCC signs, brush, trees, erosion, drop offs, water drainage, warning signs, fencing, helicopter landing area, and condition of buildings can be inspected.

RSI can ID and tag lines and cables, perform line sweeps (site analyzer test) and RF exposure assessments including checking combiners, duplexers, antennas cables and connections. RSI can perform ground resistance testing (inspect the complete ground system), and check power and backup systems (solar, wind, generators, commercial utility, batteries and wiring).

Site inspection includes the buildings (i.e., HVAC, fans, power feeds, grounding, eye- wash stations, fire hazards, doors, sufficient size to meet requirements, pest infestation, first aid kit, MSDS info, AC power distribution panels, seismic zone requirements,) 

RSI can inspect tanks for setup and grounding (LP and diesel fuels).

RSI has been authorized to conduct the FCC Commercial Radio Exams and performs ETA testing.

General technical inspection can include:

  • Industrial Grounding

  • Motorola R56

  • NEC/TIA/ ANSI/NPA /OSHA/ NFPA/ standards

  • EPA/NTIA/FCC regulations.

For additional information and a custom quote,

call RSI at 888-830-5648 or

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