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ID Numbering Equipment

RSI performs inventory audits at com-sites for the site owner, to determine who has what equipment, feed lines and antennas at the site.

RSI has found that at some sites the owner is not receiving revenue from all of the systems located on their site. In today changing world telecommunication systems are constantly undergoing changes and upgrades.

How can a site owner keep up? 

Be sure, have RSI perform an Inventory Audit. An audit at telecommunication antenna sites is very involved, and requires the person performing the audit to be trained, competent, and qualified to perform the inventory. The team must have knowledge of all wireless transmission equipment and antenna types from cellular, paging, wireless internet to broadcasting.

RSI is a University based service organization. RSI crews can perform this work on telecommunication towers, buildings, and Mt. tops anywhere in the country.

If you have inventory and revenue issues and aren’t sure how to resolve it, call RSI. 

Creativity, flexibility and a “can do” attitude have made RSI the forerunner in telecommunication inventory problem resolution. Our staff members will work with you to understand your unique situation and then bring you options that will provide long-term solutions, not just a quick fix and a “see you later”. If you need a partner to work WITH your organization – RSI is a company that can provide all the right answers.

RSI takes great care in doing site inventories by gathering all your available site data and records prior to the physical inventory then melding the data to the most meaningful report. Our report format provides as much information as possible regarding each piece of equipment including: make, model, serial number, customer ID, frequencies, size, location, accessories, coax ID, and more. Tower / antenna structure inventories are also available. RSI notes grounding status, electrical problems, and other conditions that should be corrected. Other physical assets such as generators and fuel tanks are also inventoried and inspected. RSI also provides suggestions for site security, improvement or improved use. RSI uses drawings, digital pictures, maps and other visual aids to enhance our reports. Whether your site is on a remote mountain, a high rise building, off shore, just down the street, or you are really not sure, RSI is qualified to perform with years of experience.

ID Numbering Procedures

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