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Celebrating 20 Years!

RSI Corporation Celebrates 20 Years as the “Original RF Safety Provider”

RSI has always been a safety company and their dedication to safety runs deep. It all started when co-founder Steve Walz opened the company back in his wife’s hometown in Kansas on September 1996. Their first client was in Canada and they have worked all over the world.


What exactly does RSI do? Steve says, “RSI is the leader in the field of radiofrequency emissions safety.”

RSI has a variety of services to assist companies in this area. RSI can do RF Hazard Site Assessments

, called electromagnetic hazard assessment reports; develop safety policies, plans and programs; MPE Analysis; Vertical Assessments; and provide various types of certified safety training. There are one-day awareness training seminars, train the trainer programs, and more intensive customized training for safety officers. RSI provides total site management and safety compliance services, including signage and documentation, and RF safety monitors.

RSI has grown from 5 employees to more than 40 today. Their instructors are located around the country but the company’s headquarters remains in the southern rural Kansas town of Kiowa.

From the start, Steve noticed from the industrial side the rapid growth in wireless communications. In order for those to work, however, there must be transmitters and antennas. The radiofrequency energy which these generate have safety implications, and there are federal safety regulations which cover them. The company helps businesses and agencies meet the radiofrequency safety standards and comply with federal regulations.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Miranda Allen now manages RSI. She is one of RSI’s original employees. She has worked for RSI as the Sales and Information Specialist, Director of Marketing, National Sales Manager, executive vice president and in January 2013 Miranda became CEO of RSI.

Under Miranda’s leadership, RSI has taught thousands of clients RF Safety through their monthly live webinar courses and now has more than 30 courses online. Since 2014, RSI has been the sole U.S. distributor for Microwave Vision Group (MVG) RF Safety Monitors and in 2015 was the world leader in the sale of the EME Guard and Guard XS. RSI has plans in 2017 to increase its product line of RF Safety monitoring systems by delivering a complete range of RF instruments to measure the level of exposure to the electromagnetic field.

RSI has worked with all of the major wireless carriers and has trained thousands of tower crews. “We offer safety courses designed and presented by credentialed experts who have decades of real world experience to deliver the safety solutions to the telecom industry,” said Allen. “The RSI courses meet the certification requirements for the major wireless companies, such as, AT&T, Verizon, Bechtel, Black & Veatch and other major carriers and contracting organizations.”

Since lawmakers, such as U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, are raising concerns about the FCC efforts to ensure that those working in close proximity to cellular antennas are not exposed to dangerous levels of RF Radiation, RSI wants to expand on their two trademarks “Safety Through Education and Helping Clients Succeed.”

RSI’s future offerings are to expand their RF Hazard Site Assessments and Training.

“We want to protect not only the wireless industry’s trained RF technicians, but all workers (electricians, carpenters, HVAC technicians, firefighters) who may come in close proximity to antennas and be placed at risk of RF injuries,” said Allen.

With her 20 years as an executive telecommunications professional, Miranda Allen has launched an Independent Congressional campaign for the Kansas 4th District.

Allen understands how Telecommunications is impacted by numerous government rules. As a candidate that possesses vast knowledge of OSHA, FCC and EPA regulations, she wants to work with the telecom industry to advocate in enacting future successful reform.

“I have a commitment to advance our broadband networks and expand high-speed internet access to all areas across Kansas and the United States. We must keep the telecom technology evolving as it enhances our educational opportunities, makes health care more efficient and creates job growth,” said Allen.

RSI CEO Miranda Allen instructs a class on RF Safety Training through a Webinar. Allen currently serves on the National Association of Tower Erector’s (NATE) Member Services Committee and is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).

The “Original RF Safety Provider”

The RSI safety plans and programs have been written and evolved since the 1970s. It has commonly been said that RSI “wrote the book” on RF site assessments. In the same respect, RSI was the first safety group for RF Compliance in telecom and continues to be the industry leader for RF safety and compliance services. Many clients will turn to RSI for assistance because RF exposure is a safety issue and RSI is a Safety Company.

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