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It was a Friday when I got that Call

I was just waiting to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer…. My mother has fought and won against BC twice. In March of 2009 I did the BRACA testing and sure enough I was positive I did have the Breast Cancer Gene .. I went ahead and scheduled my hysterectomy and was advised to consider a double mastectomy as a preventative measure…” that just sounds so drastic”. I was going for Breast MRI’s and Mammograms every 6 months as advised to do.

Recently, I had helped my Friend & co-worker who was 32 when she was diagnosed go through Chemo & double mastectomy & reconstruction.. wow what a trip. I had talked to her & my mom both and decided to go back in and speak with my surgeon about the double mastectomy & had called for an appointment… when on Mothers Day 2012 I felt a lump in my right

breast…. Major fall apart.

Just happens that my husband broke his wrist that day so I was taking care of getting him in for surgery etc, and while he was in surgery the following Tuesday I had plenty of time to call my doctor and get an appointment. She scheduled a mammogram, sonogram & biopsy all for the same day so I didn’t have to run back & forth several times. He of course was out of commission so another friend took me to that appointment, and many more, she ask more questions of the doctor and wrote down answers, as when your going through this your head is swimming and so much medical info thrown at you.

I Was told they were pretty sure it Was Cancer, but would get the official results in a few days. It was a Friday, I got the call, “ Yes, I do have Breast Cancer. “

My friend who had just gone through it was on the phone with her Oncologist and he would see me on Monday and it was a whirlwind of tests and doctors and more test; brain scans and bone Scans . I don’t even remember what all.

Every couple days I was on the road to more tests. I found myself just going through the motions and being where they told me to be. It was 3 weeks later I was sitting in a chain in a Cancer Center taking my first Chemo. 8 Chemo, 8 Newlasta shots and a trip to oncologist 1 week after Chemo each time oh yea, fun and even a blood transfusion later.

The first stage, of three, was over, big sigh of relief. Now the task to become strong enough for surgery was at hand. One month later I had a double mastectomy, which was actually probably the easiest part of my treatment. Radiation was planned to start right after the first of the year so they gave me six weeks to recover during the Holidays.

January 8, 2013, I will never forget. I started radiation five days a week for a total of thirty treatments, and to ad to the trouble I was driving the 185.5 miles round trip EVERYDAY. Oh and the paperwork! Trying to handle all that with a severe case of chemo brain is not easy, keeping up with the insurance filings, trying to remember what meds to take when and If with food or without. Yea chemo brain, it is a REAL thing!

Remember when I said earlier that a double mastectomy just sounded so drastic? No, I was wrong. What I went through was DRASTIC. I openly talk about the decisions I made and what I would do differently if I had the chance to go back with anyone who will listen. Don't be afraid if in the beginning a preventative measure sounds drastic, you can't image how drastic it can become.

Without my Faith my Family & my Friends I would have never made it. There was food delivered to our home several days per week. I pretty much was able to set my work schedule. People drove me to most all of my appointments and others came In & cleaned my house. I was prayed over by my family & church family and without my Faith that God still had a plan for me I don’t know how I would have survived.

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