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This week our industry has a lost a maverick in RF compliance

Our Condolences go out to the family and friends of fellow pioneer in RF compliance Richard Strickland. He passed away on September 23 at age 72. He had a column “Spotlight on RF Safety” published in Radio World.

Richard was also the director of the RF safety business at Narda. He was program manager with the Nardalert XT RF personal monitor and decided on every aspect of that unit’s features and design.

This was a revolutionary product for personal RF safety and Richard’s contribution continues to be built upon today.

According to RF Safety Solutions webpage, Richard was the winner of the R & D 100 Award for the Nardalert XT RF Personal Monitor as he was the originator of this product. The R & D 100 Awards are given annually to the top 100 scientific and technological achievements in the world. They are frequently referred to as “the Nobel Prizes of Applied Research.”

Richard’s full obituary can be read here.

This week our industry has a lost a maverick in RF compliance and he will be mourned by family, friends and many of us in the RF Compliance Industry.

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