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You have Breast Cancer...

Miranda embracing her new look as she battled breast cancer!

You have Breast Cancer.” Those words change life as you know it forever. First, the shock overcomes you. Then, the reality sets in. The seemingly endless tests, doctor appointments, surgeries, and second opinions are all mobilized to cure this monster. Chemo treatments, multiple surgeries, radiation, and too many appointments to remember and remission can be achieved.

I am a breast cancer survivor! I fought and endured. I know every day is a gift from God and I must not waste a single minute. Through this experience, I’ve seen my purpose: to leave the world a better place than when I arrived. There is a special connection survivors share and it is something that can’t be explained until it is experienced personally. We don’t wish anyone into the “Pink Sisterhood;” however, if you are forced into the club, you will be overwhelmed with love and support which the “Sisterhood of Hope” provides.

I want everyone to know that even though cancer is a nasty horrible disease, I survived it, I am stronger than before; I am here for those that will come after me: until we find a CURE for ALL Cancers! I want to encourage people to give your worries to the higher power, keep a positive attitude, and fight for your life as it is a battle that you have to win.

I was only 32, with three young children, when I was diagnosed. I was initially told I was ‘too young to have breast cancer’ and sent home. It was through the grace of God the cancer I had was pushing on nerves and was causing severe pain. As a result, I went back to the doctor a few months later. This time they decided to perform a biopsy and it was Positive for Triple Negative Breast cancer. I actually had two cancer when the tumor was removed: the other portion being Triple Negative and the inner 20% being estrogen receptive. So to this day I take anti-chemo medication to help prevent re-occurrence from the estrogen receptive cancer. I also found out I have the BRCA1 gene. So my cancer is hereditary, though we didn’t know this before I was diagnosed.

I want people to listen to their bodies. You know yourself better than your doctors and you have to be an advocate for your care. I’m so grateful I was persistent, and that I had so many supporting me to find out what was going on. I could have easily let it progress to the point that remission would have been unlikely. We want to increase the awareness of cancer by including reminders into our work and personal lives so that we can help others. Knowledge is power and people need support and a community behind them.

Cancer is a predator and it can hit anyone at any time. It does not discriminate. Although cancer is a shock and it’s a predator I don’t wish on anyone, it also taught me that in life you have choices. You can choose to be positive and have faith. You can choose to wake up each day and thank God for all you are given and you can choose to make the world better.

The choice is yours.

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